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Award winning queer director Marcel Walz started directing while attending film school at the age of seventeen. Marcel is a lifelong fan of horror films and has worked extensively in that genre. In 2019 he branched out by directing the film 'Blind' which is a drama thriller.  His feature film Blood Feast, a remake of the Herschell Gordon Lewis classic, played to international audiences around the world, including being handpicked by London Fright Fest to be a part of their festival. Since moving to California he has directed four feature films. “Rootwood”, which has been hailed as a genius mix of found footage and cinematic shots, and “Blind”, which has received rave reviews along with a sold out premiere screening. 
His love of both horror and beauty create a unique mix of style that is all his own.



THAT'S A WRAP          |   Neon Noir, Wrap Movie LLC.          |   USA        |   2022

                |   Acumen Films, Silent Partners Ltd. |   USA        |   2021


BLIND                          |   Silent Partners Ltd., Hong Kong     |   USA        |   2019


Rootwood                    |   Silent Partners Ltd., Hong Kong     |   USA        |   2018

Blood Feast                 |
   Gundo Entertainment LLC, USA     |   FR/GER   |   2016


La Petite Mort 2           |   Illusions Unlimited Films, Austria   |   GER        |   2014

Seed 2                         |   Boll KG, Canada                             |   GER        |   2014

Raw 1 - 3                      |   Illusions Unlimited Films, Austria   |   GER        |   2012

Plastic                          |   Matador Film Ltd., UK.                   |   GER        |   2012

Schlaraffenhaus           |   Laser Paradise, Germany                |   GER        |   2011


Popular                       |   Laser Paradise, Germany                 |   GER        |   2011

Avantgarde                 |   Laser Paradise, Germany                 |   GER        |   2010


La Petite Mort             |   Laser Paradise, Germany                 |   GER        |   2009


Best Cinematography "PRETTY BOY"

Canadian Cinematography Awards


Best Actor "PRETTY BOY"
Canadian Cinematography Awards


Best Editing "PRETTY BOY"
Canadian Cinematography Awards


Silver Hattie Award, Best Horror Film "BLIND"
Anaheim International Film Festival

Best Director "BLIND"
Boobs and Blood International Film Festival


Best Horror Film "BLIND"
Canadian Cinematography Awards


Best Director "BLIND"
Hollywood Blood Horror Festival



Best Twist "BLIND"
Independent Horror Movie Awards


Best Thriller Feature "BLIND"
UNDO Divergent Film Awards



Best Horror Thriller "BLIND"
Festival of Fear


„Marcel Walz continues to be one of the most
promising minds in the horror genre“


„A horror masterpiece“


„`Blind` the new horror masterpiece by visionary

director Marcel Walz…“

„Master of gore Marcel Walz“
Hershell Gordon Lewis

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