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"Marcel Walz continues to be one of the most
promising minds in the horror genre"


Marcel Walz, is an award-winning German born director now residing in Los Angeles, CA with his husband.
He started directing while attending film school in Spain at the age of seventeen.
He is a lifelong fan of horror films and has worked extensively in that genre. His feature film Blood Feast, a remake of the Herschell Gordon Lewis classic, played to international audiences around the world, including being handpicked by London Fright Fest to be a part of their festival. Since moving to California, he has directed seven feature films starting with "Rootwood", which has been hailed as a genius mix of found footage and cinematic shots.
He followed that up with the drama/thriller "Blind", which has won best feature awards in multiple categories and earned a sequel titled "Pretty Boy" which will be released by Lionsgate.

Marcel then took the step of forming his own production company to continue to guide his projects from beginning to end.  Their first film, the meta horror comedy "That's a Wrap" was released by Quiver in North America and garnered rave reviews.  Their second film, the controversial "Garden of Eden", will soon begin its festival run with reviewers already labeling it a cult classic.

In addition, he directed segments for four episodes of the hit television show “Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction.” His love of both horror and beauty creates a unique mix of styles that is all his own.


​Neon Noir

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